diumenge, de gener 25, 2015

Program or be programmed

Programme or be programmed de Douglas Rushkoff pot ser un llibre de capçalera per entendre el món digital i saber com ens hem de comportar en el ciberespai.

Pàgines 116-117

"Those who succeed as communicators in the new bazaar will be the ones who can quickly evluate what they're hearing, and learn to pass on only the stuff that matters. These are the people who create more signal and less noise, and become the most valued authorities in a digital media. But the real winners will once again be those who actually discover and innovate - the people who do and find things worthy of everyone else's attention. They're the ones who give us not only good excuses to send messages to one another, but also real ways for us all create more value for one another.
The way to flourish in a mediaspace biase toward nonfiction is to tell the truth. This means having a truth to tell."