dimarts, d’agost 17, 2004

Blogs i comunicació corporativa

Elizabeth Albrycht planteja el que fa temps que estic pensant:

"Yes, a blog can help individuals develop their reputation, and become members of new networks of influence, which will not only just help them, but also their companies.

Don't forget too that these individuals who are blogging for your company should be commenting on others' blogs. PR can help by identifying posts that they think are interesting and forwarding the info to the appropriate blogger. Make sure they identify themselves are a member of your company. Set a policy. Then, set them free to populate other blogs with your company's messages.

Now, some assumptions behind my answers about the old rules can certainly be challenged. Does a company need to "speak with one voice?" Or is that just an artificial construct? Is cacophony better? Is there a happy medium? These are the things the New PR is trying to figure out."

Aquests plantejaments són molt interessants per anar investigant. Estic cercant organitzacions que s'ho estiguin plantejant o fins i tot posant en pràctica. Alguna sugerència?

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