dimecres, d’agost 03, 2005

He de provar newsmonster

Estava llegint les característiques de newsmonster.
N'hi ha 3 que m'han cridat l'atenció, i per això, tot d'una que tengui un moment ho provaré:

Rich Metainfo
Metainfo is information about information. NewsMonster supports all RSS metainfo including
dublin core, author, title, category, etc. #

Reputation System
The brains behind NewsMonster are provided by a reputation system with functionality somewhere between Whuffie and Advogato. NewsMonster allows you to rate any article and publish these ratings to enable fellow bloggers to discovery high-quality news. Rate your favorite/least favorite sites and share ratings with the online community - automatically! #

Semantic Web Enabled
NewsMonster is backed by a
Semantic Web enabled RDF database which allows us to preserve the semantic relationship within documents. This allows NewsMonster to act as an agent on your behalf and help you barter goods and services online. Want to sell your used guitar? No problem. Just create a new advertisement and publish it on your blog. Other NewsMonster users which have agents looking for a similar service will discover your publication. Throughout the whole process reputation is involved so that you know who you are dealing with! #