dimecres, d’agost 03, 2005

Trust - confiança

Aquest tema m'interessa molt. Com aconseguir la confiança. Una bona reputació és un bon punt de partida.

He trobat aquest paper que sembla interessant:

Trust-aware Decentralized Recommender Systems:
PhD research proposal

Paolo Massa
Department of Information and Communication Technology - University of Trento

This PhD thesis addresses the following problem: ex-
ploiting of trust information in order to enhance the
accuracy and the user acceptance of current Recom-
mender Systems (RS). RSs suggest to users items they
will probably like. Up to now, current RSs mainly gener-
ate recommendations based on users' opinions on items.
Nowadays, with the growth of online communities, e-
marketplaces, weblogs and peer-to-peer networks, a new
kind of information is available: rating expressed by an
user on another user (trust). We analyze current RS
weaknesses and show how use of trust can overcome
them. We proposed a solution about exploiting of trust
into RSs and underline what experiments we will run in
order to test our solution.