dimarts, de juny 12, 2007


Podria ser divertit fer de betatester d'un projecte que no he coordinat, cansada de reportar buggs dels meus propis projectes :-)

No és mala idea el que proposa aquesta gent, així no cremen el personal, ho potser el cremen de tot, per la quantitat de buggs que poden arribar a rebre.

M'agradaria tenir una hora o dues per fer aquest exercici.

"migoa betatesters contest

Think you're the best beta tester? Prove it and a Plasma TV and the Xbox are yours!

Have you ever dreamed of having a plasma TV but just didn't know how'd you justify splurging on such an expensive new toy? Well, now you don't need to justify anything! And better yet – imagine coupling your new Plasma TV with your new Xbox 360.

Perfect combination, isn't it?

That's why we here at migoa.com, thinking about you, are offering a Plasma TV and an Xbox 360 to the best betatester out there.

Why are we offering such cool gifts? Well, we are pretty happy with our site, but that's simply not good enough. Migoa.com is already the world's ONLY integrated vertical search engine, but before we launch our public beta site, we want to get YOUR feedback and make sure that YOU are as happy with migoa.com as we are.

The betatester who best analyzes our website, its design and its programming, who finds the most bugs, and who offers the most interesting and constructive new ideas, will win a super plasma screen TV of 32" and an Xbox 360. The winner can also opt to receive 750 euros, if he or she so prefers.

Participating in the contest couldn't be easier. Just sign in to migoa.com and check the option "I want to participate in the contest". You will automatically receive an email with a password that grants you access to the private beta. After that, you'll be able to enter, analyse and test the private beta version whenever you want, simply by typing in your e-mail address and your password. Once you have completed your masterful analysis of our site, all you need to do is send an e-mail to betatester@migoa.com with your analysis. The analysis must be done in the form you can download clicking here. You can write it in the following languages: Spanish, English, Germany and French. It's as simple as that.

The contest starts on 8 June and ends on 29 June. The winner will be announced by mid-july. The contest will be judged by migoa.com's programming team and by our advisory board: Joaquim Calaf (managing director of Orbital-BBDO), Juan Lusi Hortelano (Tecnorantes) and Albert Armengol (eConozco). To read the contest's rules, please click here.

Good luck!!!

migoa.com team"