dimarts, de desembre 23, 2003

Web Semàntica i marketing

Are we weaving the Semantic Web? Tim Berners-Lee's fascinating book about the birth of the web and its possible future demonstrates that we should be demanding a more intelligent web. Why are search results so often frustrating and irrelevant? Often it's down to the way we search. If we are to expect more intelligent responses we must first build a more responsive web. The Billboard model for a website died along with the Field of Dreams optimism. Constructing a site without giving some thought to the kind of semantic territory it should occupy is like building a mall by the side of the motorway and waiting for the off-ramp. Semantic Fishing is a marketing strategy that works with search engines and directories to improve visibility and relevance. Keyword marketing takes semantic assets and turns them into workable targeted traffic. You may have a brand, but how well does it rank? Find out how important keyword associations can affect your positioning on the web. Marketing on the internet is all about Semantic Fishing: To learn more about this powerful marketing strategy, follow this link to the semantic fishing home.