diumenge, de març 26, 2006

BLOGS a GLOBAL CONVERSATION A Master’s Thesis on the Social Phenomenon of Blogs By James Torio

BLOGS a GLOBAL CONVERSATION A Master’s Thesis on the Social Phenomenon of Blogs By James Torio

Interessant treball sobre els blogs. Es divideix en 7 capítols. Està molt enfocat a com es pot fer doblers amb els blogs i com els poden utilitzar les empreses. Una part és de literatura i l'altre és d'un estudi on s'ha fet una enquesta a 750 bloggers.


  • "A number of people have used Blogs to launch into careers and other people have been fired from their jobs because of what they wrote in their Blogs. The one thing they all have in common is that they are part of an intricately interconnected cyber world—the Blogosphere, and to varying degrees they can participate in the global conversation."
  • "Only 38% of all Internet users know what a Blog is. The rest are not sure what the term “Blog” means. The study goes on to say that Blog creators are more likely to be:
    • Men: 57% are male
    • Young: 48% are under 30
    • Broadband users: 70% have broadband at home
    • Internet veterans: 82% have been online six years or more
    • Relatively well off financially 42% live in households earning over $50,000
    • Well educated: 39% have college or graduate degrees As for Blog readers the study states, “An even more dramatic story"
  • "These factors: ease of use, features automated by the software and the low cost of starting and maintaining a Blog; enable people who can write well, or may be experts in a specific field to focus on writing, with the hopes of building up readership."
  • "Creating a financially successful Blog is not as easy as setting up the Blog. With 12,000 new Blogs a day being created1, there is a lot of competitionto get potential readers attention.
  • Formes de fer doblers als blogs:
    • Publicitat
    • Google AdSense
    • BlogAds
    • AdBrite
    • Fast Click
    • Burst Media
    • Affiliate Programs: Amazon,
    • Donacions
    • Venent merchandising
  • Motius pels quals es parla:
  • Sobreviure a la feina
  • Establir aliances
  • Per donar sentit al món
  • Per reduir el risc, el cost i la incertesa.
  • Per un sentit econòmic
  • Per crear tensió.
  • "Mavens are people who are the most expert of the experts. They are savvy in the marketplace; they possess a wealth of information and willingly share it. Not only does Gladwell describe them as the kind of people who read Consumer Reports magazine, but they are the types of people who write in to correct the editors. And according to Gladwell, Mavens read more publications than the average person, which may be a reason why they have so much informationto share".
  • TROGGING: Trust + Blogging
  • What is the Blog about? A general “about” statement is fine.
    • 29 Blogs are about technology, software, hardware, programming, gizmos, web design, Blogs, and tech news.
    • 38 Blogs are about politics.
    • 77 Blogs are about the daily life of Blogger or their interests. E.g. my Blog is about culture, music, traveling, politics and web design, and whatever else interests me.
    • 23 Other Blogs have a broad range of topics: knitting, culture, music/art, fiction, religion, shopping, sports, law, food, a corporation, and science.
  • Blogs allow companies to become more transparent. Bloggers can also build brand equity and create a personality for the company.